Monday, 30 May 2011

Next Day Chicken Curry Grattan Recipe

Using the leftover curry and rice from the night before, I often dish up a curry grattan ready to be thrown into the oven the next day for lunch. If you have run out of rice, you can slice up some potatoes and par-boil them gently. Spray the base of your souffle or oven-ok dish with some cooking oil and make a couple of layers of potato slices. Then follow the instructions as below.
Cooking Instructions:
1) Spray some souffle or similar dishes with cooking oil (I tend to use olive oil cooking spray). Then fill the dishes with some rice (the amount depends on how much curry you have left). I opted for under a half a bowl for each dish.
2) Top the rice with the leftover curry to near full. (I left one of my dishes as a normal curry as my daughter does not yet like the crunchy texture of a grattan).

3) Top each dish with some Japanese Panko (Bread crumbs). Panko is available in the asian section of supermarkets or from Asian supermarkets. (Do not use regular breadcrumbs as the texture does not compare. If at a loss, make your own breadcrumbs by putting some bread in a food processor and cutting with a blade (keep the crumbs largish).

4) I usually add some grated cheese to the top of mine (hubbie does not like cheese so none on his).
This time I also added a few drops of hot sesame oil to the top of each dish to spice them up. Hot sesame oil is a spicy red-coloured sesame oil available for puchase in small bottles (usually from Asian supermarkets). In Japanese it is known as Ra-Yu. You can also buy Korean versions.

5) Put the grattan dishes into a moderate overn (180 degrees C) for approx 15 mins or until curry is warm through and breadcrumb topping looks crunchy (& cheese has melted). Delicious and easy.