Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Another Year to Live!

When you live with a 4 year old,
having a hot spicy meal is a rare special treat.
And so TM's birthday dinner
the other day ended up featuring 
an array of steaming, spicy Indian dishes,
due to my lack of imagination
and love of curry and rotti.
(I was seriously ridiculed by TM when all I
ate in Singapore was Indian curry!)

I have to admit the usually reserved TM  loosens up
considerably when it's party time!

My attempt at a Japanese strawberry shortcake
(sponge cake with cream and strawberries)
was a success. But putting it in the fridge was
not a success as it was a little hard when we
ate it later that night.
I also realized I needed to soak the sponge in more
syrup (which prevents it from drying out).

Happy Birthday for 2012 TM.
May all your wishes for this year come true.