Saturday, 21 January 2012

Out of the Sewing Box

First let it be known that I am very much
a beginner sewer.
I took my first sewing course 2 years ago
where we learnt the basics for making
a pair of pyjamas
(which by the way TM never wore!)

I guess the experience taught me the basics.
Although it should also be known
I have very little patience for the kind
of sometimes mind-numbing
attention required of sewing.
I am a quick results girl when it comes
to things like this.

Today I dragged the old sewing machine
out of its hiding place in my wardrobe
and made Elise a set of
miniature rice bags for throwing around.
I can't quite remember how I used
to play with them when I was
little, but I have a feeling
it was a little like 'knuckles'.

Our new family addition, Forest (a black labrador),
seems to have grown at an amazing rate since
last year, so my next project was to make a larger
and fluffier comfy cushion
for her bed.
Some old tracksuit pant material and
filling and a few dangerous-looking
seams later, I had proudly created what I
had started out to create.
(Something of a triumph given that
I broke a machine needle and had to
re-thread about 20 times in all).

After getting into the swing of things,
I thought it was about time
I bought back the old
lavender bag, and with that final creation,
my old sewing box resumed its place
in my wardrobe.
Until next time!