Sunday, 9 October 2011

Sunday Morning Pleasures

The whole family was rather unusually
awake by 9am on Sunday, so we
decided to visit the 'Kingsbury Drive
Market' (Bundoora) to get some
spring plants and veggie seedlings.

Our first and foremost port of call was Dr. Java for
coffee. Dr. Java was (and still is) a cafe just a few
doors up from Cocoro in Fitzroy, and they also
have a mobile coffee caravan that visits markets.

The next stop was inevitably Mr. Whippy,
which lured elise like a paper clip to a magnet;
bee to honey? '50c' we were told was the cost
 for a soft serve cone for a 'future customer',
as we were handed a bag of complimentary
fairy floss. Poor Mr. Whippy was making
a loss on what he was handing
over, so we left a subtle tip.

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