Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Re-using/Recyling & Giving Back to the Flow of Life

When the fence that divides our abode from
our neighbor's was replaced over the summer
(much to my distress as our energic puppy & Elise
were not impressed at being confined to the verandah),
we decided to keep all the untreated timber for fire
wood for the winter.
As we lugged all the old timber that the
contractor threw onto our front lawn
(happy that he didnt have to take it to the tip)
down to the back of the house,
I wondered whether we had lost our minds,
just for a bit of free kindling.

When TM came up with the project idea
of converting some of the tired old timber pailings
into a deck to spruce up the old concrete area
at the front of our house, I was still
skeptical. It's hard to imagine old greying timber
that looks thirstier than our labrador,
turning into a decking area.
But here is the result of our modest effort.
Some nails and stain from the hardware
shop were the most it cost us.

And a few little gnomes to keep Elise happy!
Sometimes its nice to have things with character.
Not everything has to be brand new.
And it is the most pleasant feeling
when you can give back, rather than take
from the environment.
(We have also started composting all our
food scraps and we have managed to
significantly reduce our rubbish volume).
We also grow all our own salad leaves (rocket etc).
It's the easiest thing in the world,
1000 times tastier and we don't have to
buy expensive bags of mouldy salad from the
supermarket anymore.

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