Saturday, 29 October 2011

Train Trip to the Big City

 Elise is a fan of trains and buses
and so yesterday I decided to take
her on her first 'train trip into the city'.
Please be warned my daughter is a very
big poser...

This was taken outside the station before
we left for the city. The look on her face is
not one of boredom... this is her
'aren't I the most stunning person
in the universe' pose!
I think I may have overdone the
demonstrating of poses thing!

 We alighted at Melbourne Central Station and
our first port of call after some deliberation
was the 'Harajuku Crepe Shop'.
We indulged in a green tea crepe filled with
strawberries, cream and ice cream, as
well as a Hershey's Hot Chocolate
(the diet starts tomorrow....!)


After another tram trip and a bit of shopping,
we were both ready to head home.
On the train trip home, an African gentleman
got on the train and sat near us.
I was startled when after staring at him for a
few seconds, Elise turned to me and said
in a loud voice... 'He's black. You're white.'
All in all though, an excellent lesson in
'social education'?!!!!

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