Thursday, 22 December 2011

Elise Turns 4 Years Old... Oh How Quickly the Years Pass

Elise turned 4 in early December.
I decided to keep it simple, and so
asked 4 of her friends from her
swimming class, to attend a little
garden party outside the pool
after their lesson.
Only two kids showed up,
but it was enough for elise.

The girls have some lunch while
Forest who we had to smuggle into the pool
park, naps.

Elise loved the cake in a shape of
a little puppy.
I got the cake from Bread Top,
which have shops around Melbourne, including
Richmond and Doncaster.
Very yummy cakes.

A little dinner party with the grandparents and uncle
followed the lunch party.
Poor elise had a terrible cold and didn't feel
well, but she thoroughly loved the day
and especially everyone singing happy birthday
to her. What an angel. xo 

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