Thursday, 22 December 2011


We have been wanting a dog
for some time now. It would have been
impossible when we had the restaurant
because we were only ever home
from around 12 midnight to 9am the next
day which would have created one very
lonely little doggie.

I had been on at TM to let me get some
kind of pet. Some of my requests that had
met with an immediate no, included
a goat (for goat's milk and to make cheese),
chickens (for eggs), a mini cow (for milk),
a rabbit (just for something
furry to love), and although I am not a great
cat lover, at my wits ends, I had even asked
if we could get a cat.

Then low and behold, we spotted the most
beautiful, gentle-natured black labrador
the other day. After watching her for
some time we took the plunge and decided to take
her home with us.

Apart from the toilet training issue,
we havn't looked back.
She is one of the most sweet-natured dogs I have
ever met. It was hard for me initially, because
I never quite got over the death of my childhood
family dog (Rocky) who passed away 4 years ago.
I still have his ashes in our living room, which
I just can't bring myself to part with.
There is something about the relationship
between man and dog.

But our new little puppy who we have called
'FOREST', has opened a new chapter in
my heart.

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