Thursday, 22 December 2011

Our Cherry Harvest

Having a cherry blossom tree in the garden at home
has become a very valued and almost necessary
pre-requisite for where we live.
Cherry blossom trees hold great sentimental
value and significance in the
Japanese culture. When the cherry trees bloom
they produce dainty little pink and white flowers,
which are very short-lived.
The flowers only survive a couple of
weeks at the most, before they flitter to the
ground like gentle snow-flakes.
The Japanese love this dramatic notion of a short-lived life
that can only be cherished for an instant.

After the flowers have died and left the cherry tree,
the trees start to produce fruit. We call them cherries
but they are probably more like miniature plums.
Elise loves picking and eating these and its TM's job
each year to help her harvest them.
Here are the photos!

Takamitsu the Ladder

Elise with her humble harvest.
P.S. you have to be quick and beat the
birds to the cherries.

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