Thursday, 22 December 2011


Okay so I'm almost a month behind in my
entries - sorry! End of year - you know
what it's like. On Sat 3rd I visited the Warrandyte
Art & Craft Market. It's held on the first Saturday
every month (not sure about Jan).
It would have to be one of my favourite
markets, mainly due to the sheer size of the
market itself, which is set up in a gorgeous
setting along the Yarra River, which looks
so much nicer in that part of the world.
Be warned don't get their too late
as it is hard to park!

I have a number of favorite exhibiting
stall-holders, but today I would like to introduce one
who really stands out.

PADDY'S PICS by Patrick Mohr
Patrick sells his beautiful photos in
the form of postcards and also larger versions
attached to mounts. He mainly seems to specialize in
images from the Warrandyte region, but I also noticed a
lot of non-Warrandyte images on this visit,
with images of other areas of Melbourne
such as the city, Collingwood,
Fitzroy and whereever else the
camera takes him. I have been buying his postcard
size photos and mounting them
in my own frames but I think my
next purchase will be a larger size photo.
You will have to forgive me, as my photos
of his photos do not do them
justice, but these should give you an idea
of the beautiful angles
he captures these natural images on.

This cherry blossom tree in front of the vinyard
is beautiful, as are his black and white images.

More beautiful images.
I love the one of the Yarra River.

I think that is enough of my poor photos
of Patrick's images.
But I'm sure you get the jist.
Patrick's photos are also available
for purchase online:

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