Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Daylesford Get Away

I have always been a fan of Daylesford.
Mainly for the mineral springs spa center.

Last week it was the annual 'golden week'
holiday (1 week of consecutive public holidays)
in Japan, which meant, we were able to take a few
days off from work.

With Forest (our dog) and Elise in tow,
we headed to Chestnut Daylesford
(a boutique get away stay perfect for the 3+1 of us!)
The hostess, kindly allows dogs to stay inside the house.
And Elise slept on the generous sized leather couch.

The property had a very comfortable bed, kitchen and...

spa bath in the living room!
(It got a very good work out, trust me)

We were even allowed to pick the lovely tomatoes
from the vine in the garden.

The view from the garden was lovely.
Smokey chimneys, mountains and autumn foliage.

The two younger ones seemed considerably worn
out as we headed back home to Melbourne.
So did I! Somtimes I think you need a holiday
after a holiday...

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