Monday, 9 July 2012

Elise Runs Wild at the Melbourne Zoo!

After much pleading on the part of Elise,
we headed to the Melbourne Zoo last weekend.
It was Elise's first time to visit the Zoo
and I have to say she was at the perfect age for it.
Elise has been to every kid's annimal farm
 in Melbourne, but I had been waiting for her
to show an interest in going
to the zoo and am glad we waited.

Elise ran from exhibit to exhibit with a look of
pure joy and excitement on her face,
repeatedly asking "what's next?! what's next?!".
I have to say, her enthusiasm was charming.

After a great deal of walking, we managed to pursuade
elise to sit down for a rest
(... admittedly a bit of rainbow icypole bribery
did the trick!)

Elise's and my favourite exhibit - the giraffs
with their graceful long necks and Angelina Jolie lips.

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