Sunday, 29 July 2012

Fairies & Pixies & Magical Worlds

Elise is at that wonderful age where everything
is without doubt 'magical'.
Even the simple sheltered picnic area in the park that
we visited yesterday was quickly labelled a
'magical house'.
All of Elise's friends parties are either 'princess'
or 'fairy' themed and I find myself digging out
the fairy wings with increasing frequency.

And so it was that we found ourselves before
the facepainter at an event we attended
on the weekend requesting an image of
Tinkerbell be painted on Elise's cheek.
Poor Mr. Facepainter had apparently never had
to do a Tinkerbelle before, but
true to form, managed to produce a look-a-like.

Elise would have been delighted with anything that
even slightly resembled the good fairy,
so there were smiles all around when Mr. Facepainter
finished and advised us he 'liked a good challenge'!
When I think back to my own childhood days,
I remember believing in Santa Clause
and thinking that the Wizzard of Oz was a true story.
I remember dreaming up magical scenarios
in which magical and special things happened.
What a special age. And what a special reminder...
that we shouldn't forget to dream a little
and believe in magic.

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