Sunday, 12 August 2012

Picnic Days

As soon as the sun pokes its head out on the
weekends, we have been heading straight outside
for impromptu picnics.
As I waited for our turn to use the BBQ,
TM and Elise went looking for 'treasure',
although without a treasure map - much
to Elise's distress!

Tired after a long treasure hunt!

Oh and there was plenty of dancing as well!

I used to have this misconception that
picnics needed to be elaborate affairs,
with baskets stuffed full of homemade
goodies prepared well in advance.
But I have discovered the joy
 of a simple picnic basket that can be
thrown together in 5 minutes (well maybe 10!)
Add a ball and some outside
games enjoyed in the afternoon sun,
and I usually have one satisfied toddler
and two relaxed parents.

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